The Chi Phi Greek Life Museum provides a long-awaited opportunity to preserve, protect and present the historic documents, photographs and memorabilia of not only Chi Phi, but many other influential Greek organizations. The museum, which is operated by the Chi Phi Educational Trust, demonstrates how our Fraternity relates to the larger fraternal movement in America.


The mission of the Greek Life Museum is to provide a repository for books, artifacts, and memorabilia from across the spectrum of Greek Organizations. These materials showcase the impact that Greek Letter societies have had on the United States and the world, through the contributions of their members. The collections also serve as a valuable resource at a central location for those wishing to research specific topics not only related to Chi Phi, but to the other organizations represented in the collections.


The Greek Life Museum represents the culmination of 3 years work in the development of a facility to serve a s repository for all Greek letter organizations. Opened on March 28, of 2015, with over 100 guests in attendance, the Greek Life Museum has served as a repository and research site for preservation of materials related to Greek Letter organizations. The concept of the Greek Life Museum is an outgrowth of the efforts of generations of Chi Phi Brothers who have worked to collect and preserve the records of the Chi Phi fraternity going back nearly 200 years. Until very recently, the records of the fraternity were spread in different locations or stored in substandard facilities and not until now has the opportunity presented itself for a dedicated site containing display, storage and maintenance space.


The Greek Life Museum is housed in the William M. Byrd National Headquarters Building of the Chi Phi Fraternity, in Suwanee, Georgia just north of Atlanta. The facility includes 650 square feet of exhibit space, an archival storage area, and a Curator’s work room where preservation and management of the collections take place.